About Us

Our range of solutions includes

• Liner Agency
• Vessel Agency & Stevedoring
• Project Cargo Handling
• Freight Forwarding
• Chartering & Ship-broking
• Ship Owning & Offshore Services
• CFS & Warehousing

Key Features

• Direct consolidations covering more than 350 destinations worldwide.
• Fixed cut-off's with assured sailings.
• Dedicated CFS at all major FSL gateways.
• Automated booking and loading confirmation through e-mail eBooking. Service reliability.
• One stop service.
• Long term commitment.
• Information technology management.
• Destination assured delivered.
• We import clearance services worldwide.

Quality Statement

The dynamic management understands the pulse of the marketplace. The management and the staff in our various divisions complement each other and work towards delivering quality service. handpicks talented and highly qualified individuals who understand the nuances of such services; inter-analyze specific requirements; and translate complicated and cumbersome documentation into a customer-friendly affair.

Full-Container Loads

Full-container-load transportation coordination is our core competency. Our volume allows us to provide cost-effective pricing with high service levels. Our buyers' consolidation programs provide you with the ability to combine shipments from various vendors to combine cost savings with secure transport.
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